Computer-assisted development of teaching units based on authentic language materials - CADUBALM

Based on the results of a five years project work (co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme), the Language Service Centre has been developing an online platform to teach and and to learn languages.

Online learning and teaching revolves around the determination of the need for foreign languages within companies and the compilation and analysis of work flows and processes that are conducted within a particular company in a foreign language. It is on this company-specific basis that we offer targeted foreign language training, within the existing vocational framework.

This offer includes free assessment tests and individualised Internet language courses (with tuition fees) in English, French, German, Italian, (some) Romanian and Spanish. These courses can be extended on a modular basis providing the basis for individual or small group F2F teaching, according to the specific linguistic needs of the company.

The cost of creating multimedia enhanced, targeted Internet-based language courses based on the individual needs of your company, would be carried by your company.

If you are interested in further details of the courses we offer please ask us preferably by e-mail ( for further details. We would then contact you to get some information on your specific needs to design a specific sample teaching unit based on your linguistic needs. This sample will be free of charge for you.

To adjust our learning material to your needs, it would be of help for the Language Service Centre, if you filled in our questionnaire at:

Thank you for your interest in learning and teaching languages online and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,